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Double Up Social wins Agency of the Year 2021!

Double Up Social have been named Agency of the Year 2021 by The Copy Club, a collective of over 1,000 marketeers from brands such as Innocent, Itsu and Gü!

We received a huge amount of support and kind words from our clients, with nominations mentioning:

"They live and breathe my brand as though it were theirs"

"All round, awareness, brand awareness, more followers...."

"Mark and Double Up have helped us gain PR, helped us recruit during difficult times, as well as showcase our brand in the best possible light."

"The support and encouragement to push forwards and get through a tough time."

"I have a functioning website and e-commerce for the first time. Orders are coming in daily."

The Award comes as we celebrate our achievements in 2021, supporting over 15 new brand launches in the UK, expanding out offering overseas to the USA, as well as reaching over 17 million for our clients.

We once again give a thanks to our hard working staff and freelancers, as well as our clients who have grown along side us.


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