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6 Easy Ways to Get More Deliveroo, Uber Eats, and JustEat orders from Instagram & Tiktok in 2024.

Want to get more food delivery orders from Deliveroo, Uber Eats, and Just Eat in 2024? Then you need to be smashing it on Instagram and TikTok! These red-hot social media platforms are absolute game-changers for restaurants and food businesses in the UK.

Look, simply having your menu listed on those food apps isn't going to cut the mustard anymore. To really stand out and drive orders, you've got to master the art of mouth-watering social media marketing. And we're here to dish up 6 easy tips to boost those order numbers through Instagram and TikTok.

Ready? Let's tuck in!

1. Run paid ads to drive traffic

With thousands of posts flooding our feeds every day, paid ads are a stellar way to get your dishes front and centre. But don't make them all stiff and formal - people want that casual, relatable vibe they get from their fave influencers.

Your ads should showcase your most drool-worthy plates using bright, high-quality photos or short video teasers. Maybe give a quick behind-the-scenes look at your chefs in action? The key is whetting appetites with an authentic sneak peek.

And be sure to feature limited-time offers, discounts, or specials exclusively for ad viewers. Those enticing deals encourage people to stop scrolling and start ordering. Just make sure that call-to-action sends hungry customers straight to your streamlined order page on Deliveroo, Uber Eats, or Just Eat. Bingo - more orders!

2. Embrace user-generated content (UGC)

Your real-life customers? They're your biggest fans and an ultra-valuable source of authentic, word-of-mouth marketing. So start encouraging them to snap and share photos/vids of their delicious meals!

Create a custom, branded hashtag for your restaurant that's short and catchy. Then ask customers to use it when posting their culinary content. You can leverage this UGC by reposting and sharing it across your own Instagram feed, stories, and TikTok.

Not only does this extend your online reach, but it provides stellar social proof. When other foodies see the mouth-watering user pics, they'll be eager to place their own orders and experience those menu items themselves.

To really maximise UGC, make sure you're liking, commenting on, and re-sharing those customer posts too. It creates a feedback loop of engagement and helps foster an awesome community feel around your brand.

3. Team up with savvy local influencers

Collaboration goals! Partnering with local influencers and bloggers who have a strong, engaged following (especially on visual platforms like Instagram and TikTok) is an awesome way to get your menu seen by their built-in audiences.

But don't just hit up any random with a decent follower count. Do your research to find influencers whose content, personal brand, and fan demographics are a natural fit for your restaurant's vibe. Maybe they're all about healthy, veggie-forward meals or they specialise in reviewing the latest trendy spots.

The best influencer campaigns feel super authentic because the creator genuinely loves your food or dining experience. So once you find your perfect match, send them a comped meal in exchange for an honest review or creative promo featuring your best dishes.

Add sweeteners like exclusive discount codes for their followers or maybe co-promote a special themed menu item they helped inspire. With smart strategy and incentives, an influencer's glowing endorsement can seriously spike your orders!

4. Offer exclusive social media promotions

Everybody loves feeling like an insider and scoring sweet deals, right? Use that major marketing truth to your advantage by dishing out unique promos and discounts just for your loyal social media fans.

Maybe you host a "TikTok Tuesday" where anyone who comments on your latest video gets 20% off delivery that night only. Or perhaps you offer a limited-time promo code for free delivery that you announce via Instagram story. Just be sure the deal feels like a genuine perk that'll appeal to your customers.

The key is creating that sense of insider exclusivity. Not only does it drive more orders from your current followers eager to cash in, but it also encourages new fans to hit that "Follow" button. Because who doesn't want to get first dibs on deals?

5. Participate in trending hashtags and challenges

Don't sleep on all those random viral trends and challenges taking over Instagram and TikTok every week! If you can find a clever, on-brand way to piggyback on those popular hashtags and content themes, you'll drastically increase your visibility. As of writing, a recently trending meme format is cutting together viral video with your product, which Curry's showcases extremely well, which most brands can utilise easily.

The key is tapping into those current trends in a fun, light-hearted way that matches your brand personality. It positions you as a relevant, in-the-know business while also exposing your menu to tons of potential new fans and customers way beyond your existing following.

6. Optimise for local "Near Me" searches

With so many people searching for "restaurants near me" or "best takeaway nearby," it's crucial to optimise your social presence for local visibility and orders in 2024.

First, always use precise location tags and local hashtags like #LondonFoodie or #ManchesterEats anytime you post about your physical restaurant or city. Sprinkling geographic keywords into your bio, captions, and more boosts your local SEO.

You can also join popular local foodie groups or city-themed hashtags to chat with other neighbourhood fans and share your latest menu updates or delivery zone expansions. Better yet, promote any local events, charities, or partnerships you're involved with to solidify your community presence.

The more you lean into your local ties through location-based social content, the easier it'll be for nearby online searchers to discover your delicious delivery offerings on Deliveroo, Uber Eats, and Just Eat!


So there you have it - 6 scrummy tips to transform your Insta and TikTok game into an absolute order-driving machine this year! It's all about feeding the appetite for eye-catching, organic content that lets you connect with customers in a fun, authentic way. Stick to these strategies and watch those delivery numbers go through the roof!


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