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Rossella, recognised as one of Opentables' top 100 restaurants in London and celebrated for its classic Italian cuisine, recognised the need for a digital overhaul. They sought our help to revamp their digital marketing strategy, encompassing avenues like social media, web presence, email outreach, and more.

We initiated the collaboration with a comprehensive brand audit followed by an in-depth strategy session. Recognising the essence of Italian dining – family and conversation – we pivoted Rossella's brand communication to highlight these values, aiming to increase its approachability. The next phase involved a meticulously planned  lifestyle-led photoshoot (the first of many!).


Armed with this refreshed content, both static and video, we set the wheels of the new marketing strategy in motion. We took the reins of Rossella's social channels, implemented a robust email and SMS CRM, and streamlined email automations. The outcome was significant: within a mere three months, Rossella saw a surge in organic brand awareness by 336%, a 359% increase in profile views, and a whopping 762% uptick in traffic to their booking pages. Their email strategy overhaul also worked well, pushing up the number of new Google and TripAdvisor reviews by 89%, which further enhanced Rossella's credibility in the dining community. A meticulously executed PPC campaign in May 2022, complemented by a retargeting funnel, culminated in a phenomenal 89x Return on Ad Spend (ROAS).

Since the start of management, Rossella witnessed a surge in reservations and footfall. Their Valentine's Day campaign stood as a testament to the efficacy of the strategies implemented; the restaurant was fully booked within just three days of rolling out the email campaign. Furthermore, Rossella experienced a boost in revenue from their on-site deli and ascended the ranks on platforms like Google & TripAdvisor.


"The team at Double Up Social is great, Rossella has thoroughly enjoyed working with them throughout the years. They are professional and always available."

- Luca, Rossella Ristorante

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