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Your March 2024 Marketing Plan: Special Dates & Creative Ideas for your March Social Media Calendar

Updated: Mar 20

March 2024 is bustling with a variety of special dates, making it a goldmine for those in the hospitality, food, and beverage industries looking to spice up their social media calendars. From celebrating national food days to embracing significant cultural and environmental events, there's ample opportunity to engage with your audience in creative and meaningful ways. Below, we showcase a list of notable marketing dates, alongside some ideas on how you can utilise these days in your March Marketing Calendar.

March 2024 Marketing Dates


National Celery Month (1-31st)

Launch a "Celery Celebration" campaign featuring daily celery-based recipes, from smoothies to sophisticated appetisers. Engage your audience with a "Best Celery Dish" contest.


St. David's Day (1st)

Highlight Welsh cuisine with a special menu featuring traditional dishes like cawl and Welsh rarebit, encouraging customers to explore the richness of Wales' culinary heritage.


Employee Appreciation Day (1st)

Showcase your team's hard work through behind-the-scenes content, highlighting individual stories and thanking them publicly for their dedication.


British Pie Week (4th-10th)

Host a pie-making workshop or offer a different pie special each day, encouraging customers to vote for their favourite to be added to your regular menu.


National Butchers Week (4th-10th)

Collaborate with local butchers to create exclusive dishes, sharing the process and benefits of using locally-sourced meats through engaging content.


National Frozen Food Day (6th)

Demonstrate the versatility of frozen foods with gourmet recipes that elevate the ordinary, perhaps launching a limited-time frozen-inspired menu.


World Book Day (7th)

Pair literary classics with themed dishes for a "Book and Bite" event, encouraging customers to dine while diving into their favourite stories.


National Cereal Day (7th)

Host a nostalgic cereal buffet, featuring classic and new favourites with a variety of toppings, appealing to both kids and adults.


International Women's Day (8th)

Spotlight women in your industry, hosting a panel discussion or featuring guest posts on your social media from female chefs, sommeliers, and entrepreneurs.


National Meatball Day (9th)

Offer a "Tour of Meatballs" menu, showcasing meatball dishes from around the world, each with a story or fun fact about its origin.


National Crab Day (9th)

Host a crab feast or cooking class focused on sustainable seafood practices, highlighting different crab species and preparation methods.


Tortilla Day/Spanish Omelette Day (9th)

Share a step-by-step story or live video making the perfect Spanish omelette, inviting followers to share their own versions or tips.


Mother's Day (10th)

Offer a special Mother's Day menu with options for in-person dining and takeaway, including a small gift for mothers dining or ordering from you.


Ramadan Starts (10th)

Introduce a special Iftar menu for Ramadan, focusing on nutritious, flavourful dishes that cater to fasting individuals.


Dog Theft Awareness Day (14th)

Partner with a local animal shelter for a fundraising event, promoting pet safety and awareness, perhaps with a themed menu or special cocktail.


Red Nose Day (15th)

Host a comedy night or a fun contest in your venue, donating a portion of the night's proceeds to charity, and encouraging guests to wear red noses.


St Patrick's Day (17th)

Celebrate with Irish-themed menu items, green decorations, and live music, offering specials on traditional Irish drinks and dishes.


Global Recycling Day (18th)

Highlight your sustainability efforts, perhaps by introducing a zero-waste dish or cocktail, and share tips on recycling and reducing waste in the kitchen.


National Sloppy Joe Day (18th)

Put a gourmet twist on the classic Sloppy Joe, offering different versions or a build-your-own Sloppy Joe bar for the day.


National Poultry Day (19th)

Showcase poultry's versatility with a special menu featuring dishes from chicken curry to duck confit, focusing on ethical sourcing and preparation.


International Day of Happiness (20th)

Spread joy with a "Pay What You Want" meal deal, encouraging customers to pay forward for someone else's meal or donate to a chosen charity.


First Day of Spring (20th)

Celebrate the season with a Spring Equinox event, featuring a menu of fresh, seasonal produce and floral-inspired drinks.


National Ravioli Day (20th)

Offer a "Ravioli of the Day" special, exploring different fillings and sauces, and perhaps including a vegan or gluten-free option.


International Waffle Day (25th)

Host a build-your-own waffle bar, with a variety of toppings and flavours, catering to both sweet and savoury preferences.


National Spinach Day (26th)

Promote the health benefits of spinach with a special menu dedicated to the leafy green, from smoothies to spinach-packed mains.


International Whiskey Day (27th)

Organise a whiskey tasting event, featuring selections from around the world, paired with small bites that complement the flavours of each whiskey.


Good Friday (29th)

Offer special seafood dishes, acknowledging the tradition of abstaining from meat on Good Friday, with options ranging from classic fish and chips to gourmet seafood platters.


World Idli Day (30th)

Celebrate with a spotlight on South Indian cuisine, offering a variety of idli served with different chutneys and sambar.


Easter Sunday, BST Starts (31st)

Host an Easter brunch or dinner with traditional dishes, including a special menu for kids, and perhaps an Easter egg hunt to entertain younger guests.



As we wrap up our journey through the diverse and vibrant celebrations of March, it's clear that the hospitality, food, and beverage industries have a treasure trove of opportunities to engage with their audiences. By leveraging these special dates, you can create unique, memorable experiences that resonate with guests, foster community engagement, and highlight the versatility and creativity inherent in the industry.


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