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Your April 2024 Marketing Plan: Special Dates & Creative Ideas for your April Social Media Calendar

April is a month brimming with opportunities for culinary creativity and community engagement. As we transition from the brisk days of early spring into the warmer, more vibrant days that precede summer, there's no shortage of reasons to celebrate, from holidays and special observances to the simple joy of seasonal changes. For restaurants, cafes, and food service businesses, this presents a unique opportunity to craft themed events, specials, and promotions that not only delight your existing customers but also attract new ones.

Below, we've compiled a list of April marketing dates, each accompanied by a creative idea to inspire your menu and marketing efforts.

April 2024 Marketing Dates


Easter Monday (1st)

Offer a special "Easter Recovery Brunch" with light, refreshing dishes and non-alcoholic cocktails to help guests relax after the holiday weekend.


April Fool's Day (1st)

Create a playful menu with dishes that are not what they seem, like desserts disguised as savoury dishes, surprising and delighting your guests.


Sourdough Bread Day (1st)

Showcase an array of sourdough bread, offering tastings paired with artisanal butters and jams. Consider hosting a sourdough baking class.


National Peanut Butter & Jelly Day (2nd)

Introduce gourmet PB&J specials, experimenting with different bread, peanut butter, and jelly combinations. Offer a discount for anyone who brings a children's book donation, celebrating Children's Book Day simultaneously.


Children's Book Day (2nd)

Organize a family-friendly storytelling session in your venue, with a menu inspired by popular children's books.


International Carrot Day (4th)

Highlight carrot-centric dishes, from roasted carrot salads to carrot cake, showcasing the versatility of this vegetable.


Walk to Work Day (5th)

Offer a discount to customers who show proof of walking to work or your establishment that day, promoting health and sustainability.


National Deep Dish Pizza Day (5th)

Feature a variety of deep-dish pizzas, inviting guests to indulge in this hearty meal. Consider a create-your-own pizza option.


World Health Day (7th)

Focus on healthy, nutritious dishes, offering cooking workshops or talks on maintaining a balanced diet.


National Beer Day (7th)

Host a beer tasting event, featuring local craft beers and pairing them with small bites or a special menu.


Eid Al Fitr (Estimated 9th-10th)

Celebrate with a special Eid menu, offering traditional dishes to mark the end of Ramadan.


Cheese Fondue Day (11th)

Serve a variety of cheese fondues, including classic and innovative flavours, perfect for sharing.


National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day (12th)

Host a "Grilled Cheese Extravaganza," offering a selection of gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches.


Garden Day (14th)

Encourage guests to bring in home-grown produce in exchange for a discount on their meal, celebrating local gardening efforts.


World Art Day (15th)

Collaborate with local artists to display their work in your venue, offering a special menu inspired by the artworks.


Day of The Mushroom (16th)

Highlight mushroom dishes, from appetisers to mains, showcasing the diversity of mushrooms.


National Eggs Benedict Day (16th)

Offer a variety of Eggs Benedict, including traditional and innovative versions, for breakfast or brunch.


National Garlic Day (19th)

Create a menu that features garlic in every dish, celebrating its health benefits and flavour.


National Tea Day (21st)

Host a traditional British afternoon tea, featuring a selection of teas and accompanying snacks.


Late Queen Elizabeth II’s Birthday (21st)

Pay tribute with a special menu or event that honours the late Queen's legacy and her contributions.


Earth Day (22nd)

Focus on sustainability, offering dishes made from locally sourced, organic ingredients and sharing tips on eco-friendly practices.


St. George's Day (23rd)

Celebrate English heritage with traditional English dishes, encouraging guests to learn about St. George's Day's significance.


National Pigs-In-A Blanket Day (24th)

Offer a twist on the classic pigs-in-a-blanket, experimenting with gourmet sausages and doughs.


National Pretzel Day (26th)

Showcase an array of pretzel snacks and desserts, maybe even introducing a pretzel-based cocktail.


National Prime Rib Day (27th)

Feature prime rib specials, perhaps offering different rubs and gravies to complement the dish.


World Day for Safety & Health at Work (28th)

Host a seminar or workshop on workplace safety, particularly focusing on the hospitality industry, with light refreshments.


National Blueberry Pie Day (28th)

Celebrate with an array of blueberry pies, from classic to innovative twists. Offer a blueberry pie-making workshop for guests interested in baking.


National Shrimp Scampi Day (29th)

Feature a special shrimp scampi dish on your menu, showcasing fresh, quality ingredients for a memorable dining experience.


National Oatmeal Cookie Day (30th)

Bake fresh oatmeal cookies to give out with every order or create a special dessert featuring oatmeal cookies as the star ingredient.



By embracing the diversity of themes, from global holidays to playful food observances, you have the opportunity to reflect the richness of the season and the diversity of your community. These daily celebrations not only offer a way to spice up your menu and decor but also provide a platform for storytelling, cultural exploration, and social connection.


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