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The Importance of Social Media for Restaurant Owners.

In today’s highly technological world, social media is one aspect of restaurant digital marketing that any business owner shouldn’t overlook. It grants establishments in the F&B industry an effective way of staying connected with their customers, paving the way for further growth.

We’ll demonstrate what we mean by this in the sections below, as we go over the benefits provided by social media as well as some tips on how to utilise the most popular platforms to their fullest potential.

The Benefits of Social Media for Restaurants

It gives you unsurpassed reach.

Social media allows restaurants to widen their reach on the Internet. Services such as Facebook and Instagram are used by millions of people every single day, allowing you to gain untold amounts of online exposure that aren’t attainable any other way.

It allows you to stay constantly connected.

Using these platforms grants business owners the opportunity to communicate with existing and potential customers continuously. Any post you upload to your feed stays there permanently, providing people with easy and constant access to the information that you give them.

It strengthens your online presence.

Social media allows you to boost your restaurant digital marketing efforts and to promote your restaurant in countless ways, especially when it’s coupled with other promotional tools such as a website and email marketing. These tools work harmoniously together, greatly enhancing your ability to advocate your brand and establish yourself as a worthy choice in a highly competitive market.

It won’t cost you money.

Some methods of restaurant digital marketing can be time-intensive and costly, but this isn’t the case with social media. These services are mostly free for you to take advantage of, representing a highly affordable solution to market your business effectively.

Tips for Specific Social Media Platforms

In this section, we’ll give you a few suggestions to help you make the most out of your social media accounts. The most popular platforms are all different in their own ways, which means that how you use them will also vary.


As the biggest social media platform today, Facebook is one of the most powerful tools you can use to market your restaurant. It also happens to have the most sophisticated features out of all the social media sites, allowing you to use it almost like you would your own website. Make sure you have your complete business details on this platform, use it to provide links to your other content, respond to customers’ feedback and comments, and allow people to book a table at your establishment.


While relatively limited in terms of its functionality, Instagram is a must-have for any serious restaurant owner. It’s a highly visual platform that makes it an ideal medium for posting food photography and pictures of your establishment. Because people tend to scroll quickly through their Instagram feeds, it’s important that you produce high-quality content that can stand out from the rest. Additionally, try to find the best hours that give you the most engagement and create a regular posting schedule based on that.


This social media platform is all about sending quick and constant updates to your followers. You can also use it to engage with your customers (and even your competition). It’s rapid, text-based service which means that you need to be concise with what you say. Remember to post here five to ten times a day, so that you can continue to stay relevant and at the forefront of your customers’ minds.


As you can see, having social media accounts for your business is both incredibly cost-effective and easy to do. It’s all about giving your customers a convenient way of reaching you, which is always one of the goals of any digital marketing strategy.

We are a digital marketing agency in London specialising in F&B businesses and restaurant digital marketing. If you need our help connecting with your customers, get in touch with us today!


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