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Social Media Marketing for Hotels: Try these Amazing Content Ideas

Social media marketing has become a crucial component of a hotel's overall marketing strategy. It offers an excellent opportunity for hotels to promote their brand, reach new customers, and engage with their existing guests. However, with so many hotels on social media, it can be challenging to stand out from the crowd. In this blog, we'll provide you with some amazing content ideas to help your hotel shine on social media!

Show off your amenities and rooms:

The first and most obvious content idea is to showcase your hotel rooms. Potential guests want to know what to expect when they book a room at your hotel. High-quality images of your rooms can help them visualize the experience and encourage them to make a reservation. Use bright, attractive photos, and highlight the unique features of each room.

In addition, post about your amenities. Whether it's a beautiful pool, a fitness centre, or a spa, your guests will love to see what you have to offer. Use social media to showcase your amenities in a visually appealing way.

Highlight local attractions:

Many people choose a hotel based on its location. Your hotel isn't just a place to sleep - it's a gateway to the local area. Use social media to highlight some of the local attractions near your hotel. You can create content that showcases popular restaurants, museums, or outdoor activities. By doing this, you can help your guests plan their itinerary and make their stay more enjoyable. Be sure to always mention how far the hotel is located from local hotspots and perhaps add detail about local transport. If you are near some tourist spots, great landmarks or popular sites, post about these regularly!

This content not only engages potential guests, but it also helps position your hotel as a knowledgeable and helpful resource for travellers.

Share user-generated content:

User-generated content (UGC) is an excellent way to showcase your hotel's personality and build a community around your brand. Encourage your guests to share their photos and experiences on social media, and then share that content on your own social media channels. UGC provides followers with an authentic and unpolished view of the hotel, that has been captured by a fellow guest. If you want to build up a portfolio of UGC, consider teaming up with influencers – who can create amazing and engaging content on their profile in return for a free stay. Not only do you get UGC, but also the chance to be promoted to the influencers loyal and engaged community!

Host giveaways and contests:

Everyone loves a good giveaway or contest, and it's an excellent way to engage with your social media followers. You can create a contest that requires your followers to share their favourite travel photos or memories, and then offer a prize such as a free night's stay or a gift card. Or simply ask your followers to tag friends on the competition post. This will increase brand awareness and keep followers interested, as they will want to enter any future competitions you may host.

Create behind-the-scenes content:

People love to see what goes on behind the scenes. Use social media to showcase the hard work that goes into running a hotel. You can create content that shows your staff preparing for a busy weekend or getting a room ready for a guest.

Or post about the amazing people who work tirelessly to ensure every guest has a positive stay. The staff are an essential part of your hotel's brand, and sharing their stories can help humanize your brand. Highlight the people who make your hotel special, such as the concierge who always goes above and beyond, or the chef who creates amazing dishes in your restaurant.

Share seasonal promotions:

Whether it's a summer sale or a winter package, share your seasonal promotions on social media. By doing this, you can generate interest in your hotel and encourage people to book a stay. Make sure to create visually appealing content that highlights the unique aspects of your promotion.

Share guest reviews:

Guest reviews are an excellent way to build credibility and show your guests that you care about their experience. Share positive guest reviews on your social media channels and thank the guests for their kind words. Great reviews are a make or break in the hotel industry, so be proud to share your great reviews on social media. Nothing encourages potential customers to book quite like a recommendation!


Social media marketing is a crucial component of any hotel's overall marketing strategy. By using these amazing content ideas, you can showcase your hotel's amenities, build a loyal following, and encourage people to book a stay. Remember to create visually appealing content and always put your guests' experience first.


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