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How We Increased Snapchat Engagement by 5000% Through User Generated Content.

Snapchat can be a tricky game, especially since much of the industry are so reluctant to use it. We’ve seen hundreds of posts about Snapchat’s stock decreasing, their features being stolen – but that doesn’t hide the fact that more teens use Snapchat than Facebook. When you hear it like that, it suddenly makes sense to use Snapchat as a promotional platform, right?

We were approached by Creams Cafe to launch their official brand Snapchat account and, since launch, has seen success-to-success. However, to celebrate Pancake Day, one of the national holidays closest to Creams’ heart (Can you call Pancake Day a national holiday?) we thought we’d do something extra special.

In a lead up to Pancake Day, we asked followers to imagine & create their own perfect pancake to inspire them to create something amazing with Creams.

A few days before Pancake Day, we provided followers with an image of an empty pancake/crepe and asked them to cover it in their choice of emoji and sticker toppings, making the most out of Snapchat’s (then) unique drawing and sticker capabilities. Users then screenshotted, drew on the image, and shared it back with us. Some opted for the tasty-looking berry-based pancakes, whilst others went more obscure, introducing savoury ingredients into the mix.

A selection of perfect pancakes submitted by followers.

Creams Cafe houses a massive inventory of ingredients in-store. So, once a user shared their perfect pancake with us, we prompted them to visit their closest store to try out their perfect pancake for real, bringing their digital creation to life on Pancake Day. We also awarded a few lucky followers with free pancakes to further encourage submission of user generated content (UGC).

Cool, right?

Thanks to the social stunt, we saw a 5000% increase in engagement around Pancake Day. Fans shared their perfect pancakes with their friends, on their stories, and directly back to us. We received a massive amount of user generated content (UGC), and a clever insight into what our customers yearn from a dessert. As a result, more people visited the store for Pancake Day then ever before, increasing overall sales and improving brand loyalty.

Want to see how we can increase your audiences engagement through social? Get in touch so we can double up.


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