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Latest Instagram Update Lets You Login Into More Than 5 Accounts at a Time.

Back in 2016 Instagram released a new update which allowed for users to access 5 accounts from one device. Being the second-most engaged social media network, with over 500,000,000 daily logins, Instagram is undoubtedly one of the leading global platforms to grow businesses online. Indeed, 83% of users on Instagram say that they discover new products and services every day because of the platform. The new update was welcomed by digital marketers and general users who owned multiple Instagram accounts and wanted to have quick, easy access to their accounts without having to log out and back in every time.

3 years later, with the ever-growing demand of social media and digital marketing, the 5-account rule has gradually appeared increasingly restrictive for many social media companies. Nowadays, it is the norm for digital marketers to work for a multitude of customers who demand an effective social media presence across all platforms.

Furthermore, the evolution of social media strategy has led to the demand for companies to construct sub-accounts on Instagram, which allows for franchises to create separate accounts for different locations and products. Even strategists working with a single client can require the need for multiple Instagram accounts.

Although not heavily reported, Instagram’s decision to increase the number of accounts to 10 per device is a needed update for social media strategists, who often have to meet increasing demands across a multitude of online logins. This update will allow for marketers to have instant access across 10 separate accounts that can be used interchangeably – no longer will marketers have to rely upon alternative methods to effectively manage their client’s accounts that can often prove very expensive and time-consuming.

For smaller-budget companies who cannot always afford to outsource their social media postings to third-party apps, Instagram’s recent feature that allows users to post to multiple accounts at the same time, alongside the new 10 account update, will prove invaluable.

With past Instagram restrictions, digital marketers with over 5 clients were left with little option but to seek alternative methods to manage their various accounts. These measures had been far from efficient. Many relied on logging in and then logging out continuously, without tapping the button to ‘remember this password’ if the profile they need to use is not included in the 5 saved accounts. Other methods included finding ways to clone the Instagram app on the same device. Meanwhile, some had taken to digging out old iPod’s or even buying new devices just to meet their clients demands – a very costly method. However some users had, and still do, compromise by utilising third-party apps as scheduling tools, which allow the user to access all their accounts from their phone and set reminders.

Regardless, this newly introduced feature is huge for social media users who manage multiple Instagram accounts for various clients. The update will allow for social media managers to save both time and money by enabling easy access to the different accounts, whilst also reducing dependence on third-party apps or alternative methods.

If you’re looking to take advantage of this update by adding new accounts, it is very simple. First, go to your profile’s menu bar and choose ‘settings’. Next, scroll to the bottom in order to select ‘Add Account’ and follow the on-screen prompt to enter the log-in details. In future, this account will now be easily accessible and saved onto your Instagram app.


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