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Digital Marketing Insights for F&B Business Owners - What to Know.

There’s no doubt that digital marketing will become a huge trend for restaurants and other businesses involved in F&B in the coming years. Today, we’re already seeing rapid developments that are sure to shake up the industry and leave a lasting effect.

Shifts and patterns in the market are proving to be oceans of opportunity to those who have a keen eye and are willing to take a chance. In this article, we’ll highlight what those changes are so that you can take advantage of them.

1. Food business websites get most of their traffic from search engines.

Perhaps surprisingly to some, websites that belong to the F&B industry attract most of their visitors through search engines. What this means is for your business can be summed up in two points:

First, you should focus your digital marketing practices on making your website as attractive to search engines as possible. This means you need to invest in SEO and provide your target audience with high-quality content.

Second, you should consider paid advertising to bolster your growth and ensure that your website is visible on the SERPs.

2. User-generated content is becoming one of the best ways to reach customers.

UGC is slowly becoming the best way for customers to engage with their preferred brands. It allows your customers to engage with you on a personal level, providing an authentic and relatable glimpse into their needs that can easily be shared with others. Making good use of UGC can foster strong relationships with your customers as it shows them that you value what they have to say.

In a restaurant or other F&B business, you can apply this to encourage your customers to effectively promote your brand on their own. Launch a contest wherein diners who post the best photos of your food or interiors can stand to win a prize, or perhaps bring attention to one of your menu items and see which of your customers can replicate the recipe themselves. There are countless ways you can get your community involved, and they can all pay off tremendously in the long run.

3. Healthy and sustainable eating choices will continue to dominate.

Mindful eating is a phenomenon that’s here to stay. Instead of fighting against it, you should embrace this outlook on eating and use it to your advantage. Design menu items that are in line with these trends and make sure you create content to let your customers know about them.

There is a ton of information you can provide to establish yourself as a sustainable restaurant, and these can include where and how you source your ingredients, nutritional information for each of your dishes, and any relevant certifications you may have acquired.

4. Most diners research a restaurant before visiting the establishment.

A vast majority of your customers will likely look up your restaurant online before even setting foot in it. This is expected, especially when you consider the growing number of competitors in the market and the tighter schedules often found in modern-day living.

To stand out from the rest, your restaurant needs to have positive reviews that will encourage people to come through your doors.

While you can never really guarantee that you’ll receive good feedback, you can do your part by responding to what your customers say regardless of the message. This shows them as well as others that you care about their opinion and are continually in pursuit of improvement.


Keep what we discussed here in mind so that your restaurant can make the most out of its digital marketing practices. Doing so will allow your business to reach more customers and provide better value to existing ones.

We are a digital marketing agency in the UK that specializes in social media marketing and content production for restaurants and other F&B business. If you need a professional hand to help bring your digital marketing strategies to greater heights, get in touch with us today and we’ll be happy to serve.


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