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Case Study: Transforming Creams Cafe’s Social Channels. | Creams Cafe


After their first store opening in 2008, Creams Café have become one of the UK’s largest growing dessert parlours. Their story is one of  “passion, commitment… and big flamboyant desserts”, and with a huge variety of hot and cold desserts, savoury options and a full vegan menu, it’s clear to see why Creams have become a high street favourite. They now have over 85 stores across the country, and have partnered with Deliveroo, Uber Eats and Just Eat to bring delicious food straight to your door.


Following their huge success and growth as a brand, Creams wanted to humanise their dessert brand to a younger, more digital audience in an authentic & engaging way that sparks conversation and builds brand trust. We were approached to take over social media management to not only increase the reach to these audiences, but also turn them into loyal customers. This is achieved through Social Strategy, Content Creation and Community Management, all done under one roof by Double Up Social.

Alongside management of the Creams national account, we are also working with local franchisees to boost their individual store following and engagement. These accounts can help provide relevant local influence, making it easier to connect with the community in the area. We often help these stores boost and promote local deals and offers that are different from the national scale, such as Cookie Dough Tuesday, BOGOF Waffles and Coffee and Cake offers, which are exclusive to Facebook and Instagram fans.


After a review and audit of the current social landscape, we spruced up Creams' social profiles to feel more native & engaging to social audiences. By tactically creating a social strategy based upon real-time trends, twinned with a deep understanding of the target audience, we changed what it meant to share desserts.

Across multiple social platforms, people are sharing their love for Creams and engaging with the brand more than ever. We created distinct strategies to suit each platform; a B2B (business to business) strategy for press, franchise and industry reach on LinkedIn, and a B2C (business to consumer) strategy to appeal more to the end users and target audience on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat.

As ongoing account management, we inspire users to share their desserts, discover new ones and interact with the brand through use of compelling, tasteful creative consisting of static and video content, driving users to one of Creams 85+ stores.


Through playful management and their signature brand aesthetic, we drew a tasty new visual direction that communicates the vibrancy of the brand personality.

As a result of our ongoing management, Creams have seen a 102% growth in social following, as well as a 423% increase in engagement, bringing their engagement rate to 4.05% - triple the industry average. With a strategic reallocation of the same budget, we increased reach by over 5000% to 1.6 million per month, and grew their Snapchat account organically to over 24,000 followers (and still growing!)


Creams’ social channels continue to grow, and we were delighted to receive this testimonial from Creams Cafe Marketing Executive, David Simpson:

"We can’t recommend Double Up enough. Their knowledge of both Social Media and Marketing has been a huge advantage to our office & the entire Creams brand. Since day one they have been able to quickly capture the essence of our brand, mission and overarching marketing strategy and independently develop a well-performing social strategy.

They helped us not only set up our Snapchat account, but managed to get a large following behind us and manage it for us on a day to day basis.

That, twinned with their in-depth knowledge of the trends, visual styles & copywriting in the food and business arena has made them a very valuable asset to not just our marketing team, but to any team they join."

Get in contact to see how we can help you achieve similar success, or take a look at our Instagram @doubleupsocial for more!


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