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Freja Foods
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Charged with the task of expanding Freja’s (formally Take Stock) online community and increasing follower engagement, we devised and executed a comprehensive social media strategy for the Bone Broth Brand within the health and nutrition sector. This involved meticulous day-to-day management, a focus on branded graphic design and the creation of compelling visual content & recipe content creation, as well as photography for use on their e-commerce platforms, pitch decks and for marketing usage.

At the heart of the revamped, educational & value-led strategy is a series of successful recipe videos, tailored to Instagram, TikTok and YouTube Shorts, enhancing the visibility of Freja's broth range and their usecases. The multi-pronged approach also aimed to position Freja as part of the conversation, regularly collaborating and sharing tips from nutritionists, showcasing memes from the Bone Broth lifestyle and more, to ensure the brand remains relevant, approachable, and engaging across their social channels.


A significant milestone in the collaboration was the smooth transition of the brand's identity from Take Stock to Freja in 2023, a rebranding process that we ensured was impactful and seamless.

The tangible outcomes of this continued partnership proves successful, with Freja's Instagram following rising by 700% to over 22,000 in just over a year, brand engagement increasing by 337%, and web traffic to their e-commerce platforms growing by 1,332%. Furthermore, the brand's enhanced profile led to high-profile collaborations and coverage, including engagements with celebrities like Lisa Snowden, Emma Barton, and Ruth Langsford.

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